IFAT 2018 - We are there!

At the leading trade fair IFAT (May 14 - 18, 2018) the companies of Ecotec (FAUN and ZOELLER) will present the latest trends in waste collection vehicles, sweepers and lifters. Topics include zero emissions, increased efficiency and digitization.

Want to visit us in Munich? The FAUN-Pfundskerle go future awaits you in the outdoor area, booth 712/5 with an outlook on the future as well as alternative drives, new FAUN lifters, IoT solutions and web-based after-sales support solutions.
ZOELLi and the ZOELLER team will also be showing exciting new products in the outdoor area, booth 710/5, such as the new DELTA & ROTARY lifter generation, the latest version of the MEDIUM X4 body, all-electric vehicle solutions and active air cleaning with CLEAN OPTION.
If you want to be inspired by the vehicles in person, you can see ZOELLER and FAUN at the live demonstrations, 'Trucks in Action,' daily at the open-air grounds, Booth 713/1.
We look forward to exciting days together with you in Munich!

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