Debuting new technologies to FCA

Last week, KIRCHHOFF Automotive held a Technology Fair at the Chrysler Technology Centre in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Generating tremendous traffic and valuable discussions, the exhibition was deemed a great success.

“From buyers to VPs, all attendees at the show were very pleased with our competencies on display. It was a great opportunity to generate awareness about our capacity as a supplier of large modules for lightweight design,” shares Joshua Forquer, Vice President of Sales in North America. Marvin Washington – Director & Head of Body, Exterior & Raw Materials Purchasing at FCA – personally met with the Sales and Engineering team to see first-hand and discuss the lightweight technologies we offer.

The focus were topics in lightweight design and technologies such as CNC Bending, Laser and Hybrid Welding; all of which are employed in North America. Our High Voltage Battery Housing made its second debut to the North American market sparking much curiosity from FCA’s engineering staff.

Info: The state-of-the-art Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan brings together cutting-edge scientific research, industry-leading creative design, vehicle development, engineering, and manufacturing under one roof, sitting on 504 acres and at 5.3 million square feet. The complex is second only to the Pentagon as the largest building in the U.S. in floor space and can house approximately 15,000 employees.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s presence at the CTC made way for continued partnership and collaboration with FCA in the future.

Visit our photo gallery to see a lot of pictures from the show!

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