Tracking the Future

Andreas Dannheisig knows where good ideas come from. He works as a technology scout and is always on the lookout for opportunities to innovate. In this way, purchasing becomes a driver of innovation.

An overview of Andreas Dannheisig’s responsibilities has recently been published in the magazine “Best in Procurement“. Below is a summary of the article attached.


  • Electric mobility, connected cars, and a sharing economy represent technological and societal challenges. To survive in this environment, innovation is crucial.
  • Electric mobility also calls for increasingly smart ideas from KIRCHHOFF Automotive.
  • Therefore, we introduced the role of a Technology Scout within the area of Purchasing. In 2015 Andreas Dannheisig took on the new role; he acts as a link between Technology Development and Purchasing.
  • The Technology Scout acquires innovative parts for concrete projects as well as gathering ideas for the long term, which will become a reality in the future of KIRCHHOFF Automotive.
  • The Scout initiates and supports projects and remains involved until shortly after the start of production, at which point the series purchaser takes over the project and both proceed to the final negotiations.
  • He takes his cue, firstly, from the Company’s internal Research and Development. The Scout also investigates external sources.
  • Two years on from the introduction of the new role, KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s Purchasing division is seeing positive results. For example, in the past year, thanks to intensive involvement of suppliers, an innovative product for electric vehicles was constructed and presented at the IAA in Frankfurt: a complete battery tray with a custom, modular design.

To keep reading, download the article attached.

From left to right: Andreas Dannheisig, Klaus Lawory, and Prof. Elmar Holschbach in front of a body in white at the KIRCHHOFF Automotive Iserlohn-Sümmern plant.

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