A new office makes for more time

In March a new KIRCHHOFF Automotive office is expected to open in Dongguan, China to make tool purchasing more efficient.

Every year, our Company purchases almost 300 tools in Shanghai, Wuxi, Dongguan, and Zhuhai in China. Among others, these are sent to our European and North American locations. 

A team of tooling engineers from our plant in Suzhou has been travelling between locations to follow up on the tooling progress, and to support the work of our CME colleagues. This is done in an effort to ensure on-time delivery of eligible tools.

On account of the far distance between Dongguan and Suzhou, however, the engineers spent the most part of their working hours in Dongguan. Travelling requires a great deal of time, meaning less time to spend with their families. To increase efficiency, a new office is now being built in Dongguan, where local engineers will work in the future. Colleagues from Suzhou thus have more time for their work in Suzhou – and for their families. Michal Pajak from the Tooling Team in Mielec, Poland manages the office in China for a year at a time.

The 120 sq.m. office is located in Changping Town in Dongguan and is expected to be complete by the end of March. Initially, three tooling engineers will follow up on the tools for Europe and North America. Later, some tooling experts and APQP engineers will also work on gage acceptance.

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