GM order brings plant expansions in North America

On October 12th 2017, a ceremony was held to mark the official opening of the plant expansion in Querétaro, Mexico. In attendance were Mr. Miguel Angel Ramirez, principal at General Motors, and our CEO Mr. Wolfgang Kirchhoff.

The Event started by 12:00 pm with a quorum including Paloma Herrera – HR Manager, Mr.  Miguel Angel Ramirez as GM Member, Mr. Hector Delgado as Union Leader, Mr. German Borja – Director of Sustainable Development representing the State of Queretaro, Mr. Wolfgang Scholkowski - Director of Operations in Mexico, and Mr. Wolfgang Kirchhoff, CEO. The grand opening of the expansion was followed by the symbolic and traditional red ribbon-cutting ceremony. This marked the official opening of the newly-constructed area located behind the original construction. It is now ready to receive the new equipment for the welding and assembly areas, which will enhance the capacity in welding. New presses will also arrive in 2018. A cocktail ceremony followed, which was full of surprises; including delicious canapés and cultural entertainment from the Universidad Politécnica de Querétaro. Attendees were mesmerized with a traditional dance inspired by ancestral Aztecs called “Concheros.” The extension of the welding area in Queretaro is the first of two North American plant expansions, consequence of a large GM order; the necessary press shop expansion has also begun in Tecumseh and is expected to be completed by March 2018.

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