“This will be an amazing experience“

—says the Member of Parliament Petra Crone (SPD) to our colleague Jannik Hesener: He will participate in the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP) beginning in August and she looks after him during the program. Shortly, Jannik Hesener will finish the last exam of his apprenticeship as industrial clerk.

At the moment he works in the Capital Goods Procurement team in Attendorn. On August 8th, he will go to America for one year, at first for three days to New York. There he will get an introduction to his USA stay together with the other project participants. Afterwards the journey continues to his host family—where exactly this is going to be, is not sure yet. “This is announced at short notice but I am very excited and look forward to meeting my host family”, explains Jannik Hesener. During his stay he will visit a college. The second half of the program consists of an internship which he is going to complete at our subsidiary in Troy in the Sales department. He has mixed feelings now that the departure comes closer. “Some days I am excited and positive that it is going to be a really great year. But then I am also a little afraid as this is going to be a completely new world.” Also Petra Crone emphasizes: “There the apprenticeship is organized in a very different way, they do not have the dual system (apprenticeship combined with a study). One can really appreciate what we have—our dual apprenticeship is a wonderful thing.”
In his free time Jannik Hesener, who plays table tennis in Attendorn, also wants to start with an “American” sport. The colleagues in Attendorn experience the participation in the program as a good chance for his personal and professional development. “We are proud of Mr. Hesener. He will broaden his horizon and gains access to new possibilities”, explains Vice President Procurement Klaus Lawory. Petra Crone is happy about the Company’s support: “It is amazing that KIRCHHOFF Automotive fully encourages him.” For Jannik Hesener there is still a lot to organize—the visa, an international driver’s license, a car. He already got to know his American colleagues during a visit in Attendorn. “This will be an amazing experience for you. I am very excited for your stories”, says Petra Crone. “Hats off for your courage and commitment.” Information: Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP) The Parliamentary Sponsorship Program exists since 1983 and enables pupils as well as young professionals to experience an exchange year in the USA with a scholarship from the German Bundestag. Simultaneously young US Americans are in Germany for an exchange year. The PPP is a common program of the German Bundestag and the US Congress. It is under the Federal President’s patronage.

f.l.t.r.: Andreas Arns (Group Purchaser Investment Goods), Gudrun Hoffmeier (Recruiter), Klaus Lawory (Vice President Procurement), Petra Crone, Jannik Hesener (apprentice), Daniel Kramer (HR Manager), Markus Pickhan (Group Purchaser Stamping Dies).

Jannik Hesener shows Petra Crone his workplace

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